Hi everybody,

Well ive been playing guitar for about 2 years now on and off. i doing ok with playing but im having a problem. You see im a big person. im 6'2 with big hands. i know dang. lol. anyways i my first and only electric guitar is a start fender squire. its and everything but theres this one problem. i think the neck width is small for me. i keep knocking into other strings with my fingers and playing cramp my hands. maybe the height is also a problem. my questions are:

1. Should i be having these problems?

2. Is there a way to change my neck height and width without buying a new guitar?

3. Anything else u guys think i should know?

4. Any advice with the neck sizes i should know?

5. Any certain types of necks or guitars that would suit me better?

Thanks. i would really appreciate any help i could get.
u could get a 6 string bass lol i kid

o and nope ur pretty much stuck with that neck size
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u could get a 6 string bass lol i kid

rofl..that's what i was gonna say.

you could try buying a 12 string electric guitar and turn it into a 6 string.
12 string necks are always wider.
You could by a D-Profile neck with jumbo frets from one of those custom order websites. You can see some these things on eBay.
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Seriously, this sounds like a pussy squable from Saved By The Bell or some **** like that.

i say get used to the hand size on your standard 25.5" size necks, im sure your hands are no bigger than vai's or gilbert's who both have massive hands and can rip up and down the neck.
ok. so which websites have the D-profile neck. i checked ebay and they dont have it. and how would u go around changing a 12 string guitar neck to a 6 string guitar neck?

and i know u guys said that u know people that are big that can shred. u dont think a bigger neck would help a big guy make chords and play guitar better?
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and how would u go around changing a 12 string guitar neck to a 6 string guitar neck?

well....you take 6 of the 12 strings off....the smaller string of each set and then you should be all set.
im 6`8 and im playing my guitar (see sig) okay, i think ur just imagining it
um- on warmoth they make a new, larger neck for strats- im goin to search it for ya

but id get a new guitar - not hatin on the squires- but the neck is a little pricey for a squire- but you could buy a MIM strat for 300 on ebay, or at a guitar shop, even off MF right now, and sell the neck for 150-250, depends really, and then buy the new warmoth neck

right her warmoth pro contrusction
your techq. is wrong ... im 6'2 with big hands, and i play fine ... paul giblert has gigantic hands are plays amamzingly ... you just need to become more precise, and maybe chnage the way you grip the neck
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