ok theres this peavey
and like jack black would say, its built like the ****. only problem though, is that its a peavey. now i know, or at least think, theres some people who love the brand. they dont really suit me, but im crazy about that body style. so does anyone know another brand that has that or a similar style. consider money no object, but stay away from really hardcore customm deals.
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i have one of these and i love it ! It's very light and easy to play (for me atleast ).
It sounds good to me also ~I read where one comment said it's not good for metal~ I have to disagree mine sounds very good and crunchy! In my opinion it is a very good choice for an guitar ~ i bought mine from a pawn shop $200, the best guitars come from pawn shops !!! my peavey is flat black stb(string thru body) no trem black hardware no fret dots cool as hell if you ask me. not really what you asked but i just thought i'd say!