Okay so one of my buddies plays guitar, he hasn't played in awhile, and when he did he was okay but not great. I've hired him to be my rhythem player, and if he can start to get solo stuff down then maybe we could do a 2x guitar share deal.

However, for right now, what exactly should I be teaching him? What I want to do is jam out some ideas I have in my head, and then also teach him some stuff about guitar to get him better. Where should I start?

Also if you want to know exactly the extent of his theory he can pretty much just read tab, name the open strings, and maybe knows the pentatonic minor scale.
get him into lessons...or teach him scales, chord progressions, transforming or whatever u call it (u know, have one thing and playing it at a higher pitch), and get him into pull offs/hammer ons, bending strings...that should do the trick.
Well if you want to have him as a rhythm player, have him look into interval/interval shapes, chord construction, the basic major/minor open chords, ect. Once he gets that stuff down, it would be much easier to explain scales/modes and whatnot.
This sounds like me 6 years ago.

In my experience, here's what I would suggest. DO NOT HIRE people if you have to teach them how to play their instrument.
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^I would prolly agree with that sentiment.


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