hey i need some tips for palm muting, i'm trying to play weezer hashpipe, but i just cant get the palm mute right... any tips?
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start with your pickhand on the bridge but not covering any strings, the strings will ring in this position. then slowly and little by little start moving your pick hand up onto the strings from the bridge until you get the right sound.
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here is the online lesson i used to teach myself palm muting. just take your time, start from beginning of it and work your way through it slowly so you can get the feel for it. its important to grasp the concepts down before you get too crazy with it. I think the link has an audio sample from hash pipe too which is a great song to learn from.

the link is


have fun
start palm muting at the bridge and slowly go up the strings till u get the sound. the closer u are to the bridge the 'crunchier' of a sound u get.
yeah make sure your doin it right. like get sumone to show you how. cuz when i started palm muting i like, tried to do it with my wrist. and it sounded completely retarded. dont do that.
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