okay peeps, buying amps on ebay? is it really worth it (as in condition versus price and the fact that they are used) people al over these forums talk about how they have bought or are buying their amplifiers of ebay and i just want to no if i would be better of doin the same instead of paying full price?
some i knew bought a car for $3000 from ebay and never got it, just keep that in mind
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just be careful
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well if you can get a good deal on an amp that's in good shape off of a reputable seller, than yes, for the most part it is defiintely worth it. just make sure to look at the feedback of the seller to ensure that you won't get ripped off.
wat about a hughes and kettner warp 7 half stack head and cabinet for $500, are they solid state of tube amps
^Play something in a shop before you buy from eBay to get an idea what it's like, I'm strongly against buying blindly.

And eBay is good if you know everything is working and real.
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if you want to make sure its working ask if you can call person and if they can playit on the phone. or if they can send you a clip of them using the amp.

most people arnt gonna rip you off. most of them need to sell thier amp because they cant use them anymore. wether it be marriage. new job. or collage and thier dorm is to small to fit it.
Yes i Have bought Two Amps off of Ebay and as long as you check the Person out make sure they have lots of good feedback and ask all your questions and see how they respond make sure what your getting works. And if they have good feedback and answer your your questions well and seem honest go for it. Most of the time ppl arent there to rip you off they geniuinley need the money or have no further use for the product. Just be careful about overseas sellers from places like korea or china or japan. If its a european or US or Canadian or australian seller they are usually ok you just gotta check them out first
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I've gotten two amps off eBay...
1968 Fender Bassman-350 bucks
1998(or so) Peavey Classic 30-320 bucks

Good deal, just do lots of research first.
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