Hi , i had a few question about upgrading my pickups on my Jackson guitar , i have no clue what the model is , but the model that i put in my sig is pretty much the same looking. As stated in the topic title , i have the stock emgs on and i find them rather ......lacking. I saw a set of used actives at guitar center for about $100 and i was thinking about purchasing them. I want to install them myself to save some money , im cant afford it lol. I understand that most EMGs can be installed simply by disconnecting the old ones with a "quik-connect" cable and setting them in but since im moving over to actives is there anything special i need to do for the battery? I really dont trust my soldering skills at the moment haha.

heres a picture of my Jackson just for fun. and if you happen to know which model it is , please tell me so i can correct my sig
thanks for any help!

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What kinda pick ups do you have at the moment. I dont know what your upgrading to but if you can get EMG-81s your set but i would definetly get some one else to install them. I would hate to know that its my fault and that there is know one to blame.
What the hell is the internet?
I have EMG HZ pickups (passive). I was thinking it would be that hard to install them myself since i read this.

Easy Installation
EMG's are easy to install. Each pickup features EMG's own Quik-Connect header and mating cable for quick installation. Included with each pickup are pre-wired volume and tone controls, battery clip, output jack, and diagrams. All models are designed for direct replacement into most standard instruments. There are instances where "direct" replacement isn't possible, but a minimum of work should be required.

Since i already have EMGs installed , is it just a simple disconnecting of the cables? I was also wondering if i had to solder anything since im switching from passives to actives.
we must become the change we want to see.