Hi, My friend wrote this riff, so i decided to record it, with bass, second guitar and main guitar, i'm not much of a writer, and i was curious if anyone had any opinion's where to take this piece?

also any feedback would be appreciated, and i'd be happy to give others critisicism and feedback. And if you have any question's regarding the writing or recording on this intro, Feel free to ask them or pm them!

Thanks in advance guys!

haha, Here the link to download! LINKAGE
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I thought it was ok. i don't know about the effect that you were using and i think the bass could have been more interesting. also lots of blank at the beginning but not a major problem.
oh, i forgot to cut out that large empty space at the start :S, As for the bass, i'm actually using my guitar, so it can't be to prevelant but when i get my bass player in too record i'll make sure i crank it abit,and for your infomation: the main effect i used on the mix was just a touch of reverb and some boss chorus emitted from my ME-06. Thanks alot for the reply!