I'm looking at getting a new guitar but i'm not really fussed about brands
or pick-ups (I'm talking about what type, I know that they are a very important part
of the guitar). Any way I was looking around my local guitar shop and I saw this guitar
that just made me want to pick it up and play with it. It looked so good I could eat it.
So I looked at the price and it was right in the middle of my price range.
So my question is, is it wrong to buy guitar based mainly on the looks of it?
P.S. It does sound good also.
what kind of guitar was it?
what genre do you play?
what IS your price range?
If it sounds good, then go for it, there's no reason you shouldn't
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My price range is 700 to 1000 Australian so that's like 500 to 750 American
It was like a strat but there's so many strat look alikes
It was 750 Australian
And I play ALL types of rock
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how do you really know if a guitar sounds good or not?

By the way it sounds

Don't let other people tell you what is good and what is crap, you decide to see if you really like it and just keep trying out better guitars, because there might be something you like more for the same price.
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Are you pondering what I'm pondering pinky?

I think so, Brain, but where would we buy rubber pants at this hour?
i think it is somewhat wrong to buy a guitar mainly for looks. Why? its because looks have little to do with the way the guitar plays. Sure there are features that shape a guitars looks, but you shouldnt buy a les paul beause you like the finish on it, you should like it for its weight, balance, and deep sound. there are many things that are more integral in selecting a proper guitar, like pickup type, neck shape, and overall feel. Finishes, cosmetic inlays, and shape as far as a cosmetic shape (bc rich!!!!!) shoudl be the last thing on your mind when selecting a great guitar. If you arnt fussed about brands, or pickups, then you shouldnt be buying a new guitar, youll just be wasting your money on a shaped piece of wood that youre hoping would make you look cooler,

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wrong thread dude

if you like it then get it. its your guitar.
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for that price, you can get a gorgeous gibson lp studio used. i recomend that.

looks are important, but as you keep playing and seeing more and getting more expierienced in the guitar world, it doesn't matter as much. you start getting an ear for tone and arn't satisfied with anything but perfection. your ear will pick up itty bity intonation problems. short term, get a sexy guitar. long term, get a guitar that sounds like an angel moaning during an orgasim
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