I know, bit of a strange title, but I'll tell the story.
My friend's father died a year ago. I wrote this song, to chear her up, or to show her I supported her. She told me - after hearing it - I can't sing (like a cat). But she also told me every word I sung was right. So: Cats Can't Lie.
It's a bit of a stupid song, but these lyrics were just what I wanted to tell her.
I'd like to read your comments on it
And please, if it sucks so hard you almost killed yourself: TELL ME

Nobody lives forever
Immortality is an illusion
But to miss you
Is just a too great punishment

Just too long
I've been missing you
Just too strong
The pain that makes me blue

Memories can hurt
A tormented soul
But they cannot replace


I'm sorry
For the things I didn't do
For the truth I never told
To you



I hope you liked it