a microphone put onto a cd player
the microphone should be near your guitar

Hold my breath
as I wish for death
Oh please god wake me
you could spend your money on a microcube
or save up money for an vox valvetronix amp
Hold my breath
as I wish for death
Oh please god wake me
Behold! An actual answer!

my local Sound Control is selling a 20 Watt Ashdown amp for £69. I think guitarampkeyboard.co.uk will sell you 10-watt numbers for £50, but if you've got a Sound Control near you check if they're doing the same deal on Ashdowns. It's not a Line 6 cab, sure, but it's £70, and when I tested one it seemed pretty decent, though it was a bit hissy when high gain was added.
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ive got a marshall mg15cd (£70) it works well though it dosn't have many effects on it so you might want to get the 10 watt one (£60 i think) and buy a cheap effect peddle ( i mean really cheap)

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yeah, you might be able to pick up a Roland Microcube for that price.
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One of those smaller Valvetronix (DA-5) or something.
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microcube or valvetronix, both are in your price range. both are great amps. not gonna compete with drums but the neighbours will here em.