Hey there, few days ago I bought an Aria Mac 35 guitar. I just wanted to know from some people who have expierience and knowlege about guitar if its any worth :s
Im a beginner so I dont know much, but I liked the handling of it and its easy to play. The price was 250? but the owner of the music shop is a friend of my dad so I was able to buy it for 180?.

Here are some pics:

Some Infos:
24 Frets
1 VFT Tremolo
OH-1 Humbucker and 2 x OS-1 Single Coils
1 x Volume, 1 x Tone, 1 x PU Selector Switch, 1 x Coil Tap Switch

Thanks in advance
Whats the wood? At the very least it looks pretty badass.
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Interesting question...
Body - Alder, carved top

Neck - Maple, Bolt on, heel-less joint
Fingerboard - Rosewood, 24 frets
Machines - Black tuners
Bridge - VFT-1 Tremolo
Pickup - 1 * double coil, 2 * single coil
Controls - 1*volume, 1*tone, 5 way pickup selector, coil tap switch

Thats what the sites writes about it:

he Aria MAC 35 electric guitar is a sort of stretched Strat style guitar, with big, pointed horns. Plenty of chamfering makes it comfortable to play, whilst raising the bridge and strings of the guitar right up off the body, so no need for a scratch plate.
One of the most popular lines from Aria Guitars, featuring a matt black coating, cream binding and black hardware, very rock.
This electric guitar has two single pickups, and a bridge humbucker, which is attached directly onto the body, picking up the maximum amount of resonance from the guitar.
The Aria MAC35 is easy to play, with a nice smooth neck and easy fret access. The pickups give the guitar some nice warm, clear tones that turn anything but that when you kick in overdrive on the amplifier.

As reviewed in Guitar Magazine Aug03:-
* a very playable guitar.
* all 3 pickups sound classy
* rich overtones, pinched harmonic leads and punchy power chords
* ...struck by the clarity of low notes

But I would like more opinions! ;D
yeah looks pretty sweet...
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Now theres something all companys should do with bolt-on necks. Heel-less joint.
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