how do you resrting it....my stepdad says its going 2 be a bitch trying 2 restring it.....how do i do it???????????????
Rule #1- Change one string at a time

Step#1 - unlock nut
Step#2 - unlock saddles
Step#3 - Take string out
Step#4 - get new string and cut ball
Step#5 - Stick String into saddle
Step#6 - Tighten saddle
Step#7 - String it through neck
Step#8 - Tune
Step#9 - Repeat Steps above for all other strings
Step#10 - lock nut

EDIT: They're the pain in the ass if you take them all out. I learned the hard way. And make sure your floyd is set-up properly, it took me 2 hours to set it up correctly (atleast I saved $50)
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It's really not as hard as everyone says/thinks. Look for a guide on this site.

All you have to do is take off the locking nuts at the neck first, then loosen the saddles and tuners 1 by 1 to take out and replace each string.
most important thing really is step one cause releasing to much tension of the neck dosnt help the neck and on the tuning nob make sure theres a fair bit of string wrapped round cause it helps keep it in tune.
what guitar is this on? since some licenced trems have their strings going through the string tubes and dont require the ball end to be cut off