Why don't you try it, and tlel us if you think it's good enough for home recording? Sorry but like if you already have the soundcard it wouldn't hurt to give it a try and if you dont think it's good enough than you should consider upgrading to a better sound card. People have different tastes of what they define good quality in recording, some people like to have a true studio sound others are alright iwht what the built in sound card offers since they arent doing anything big.
That's a bulit in soundcard, it's wha tmy motherboard has. I use a PCI audio card...

It will work but maybe not amazingly well.
Was it made in 1997?

Chances are it's the stock card which in most cases, suck. You're better of getting a one specifically designed for recording, or to just buy an audio interface.
get an external sound card, usb, there won't be any static, and there are heaps that are designed for guitar like the toneport. it'll be worth it. internal sound cards just aren't quiet enough.