hi, i wana start learning how to shred, so can anyone recommend me some songs or licks i could learn?
i been playing bout a year, i learnt alot of beginner songs and stuff and have now moved on to learning some iron maiden and things
metallicas fade to black intro solo is fun and is not too hard to learn if you practice it a little
actually, now u mentioned metallica, welcome home sanitarium has a cool solo at the start, its not all hard, some hard bits though. might be good to start though
shred? i'd go with starry night, by satriani. or if you have a slide, bad horsie by steve vai.
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I can't stop recommending Troy Stetina's Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar (the name already lures you to the shop huh). It shows you a lot of exercises and how to practise. You will also start to understand how to come up with your own exercises and why you practise them. For now you can start with playing the chromatic scale up and down slowly and learn how to divide the beat with a metronome.
do you have a teacher?? If youo do.... good, if you don't...get one NOW!!! I really wanted to learn shred when i first started with my teacher, and was a little disappointed when we started learning major scales and easy songs, but then I realised that the whole thing was building up to knowing enough to be able to shred like that. Its not just knowing the notes, its knowing the modes and the key changes as well.
A teacher will help you to structure what you are learning. if you have one, ask him/her about it.
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