Right now I play a Jackson DXMGT with a Dimarzio X2N in the bridge. Love the sound, greatest sound ever but, I'm not comfortable with it (its a soloist shaped guitar, dinky). The neck is fast but not comfortably shaped for me. I also have a BC Rich Warlock whcih is much more comfortable but is heavy and has a slow but more comfortable neck. I have anywhere from 500-$750. Here is what I'm looking for:

  • hot pickups (comparable to Dimarzio X2N)
  • fast neck
  • if it has a trem, it better be good, otherwise hardtail
  • not a soloist or strat style body (preferably radical like bc rich or a flying v type)

any ideas?
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id say an RG with a pickup change but you dont want that style

mayabe a schecter?
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id go for the rg and **** but i dont know im just not comfortable with those kinds of bodies
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Hmm probaboly Ibanez S series? They got pretty nice guitars at decent price with insane body.
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^ Yhe Jackson RR comes into mind.... If you get one with a Floyd get one with an ofr..

On second though, your looking for comfortable... And the RR is not.......

I guess a schecter, possibly the hellraiser with active EMGS. But then again, i wouldnt call the schecters neck fast... Its also painted, so that really makes it stick and slows it down...

You dont have many options dude... You could get that new RG521 by ibanez.... Very fast neck, AANJ, EMG actives....
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yeah but oddly enough comfortable for me is a flying v or warlock
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