bar 18-21, staff 2 desperately needs something. posting in equal hopes of getting suggestions as crits, feel free to change whatever/everything or just have a play around.

any better idea's how to change from 22 onwards instead of the awkward slow-down?

also, the bass is fairly well boring. any additions or suggestions there would also be hugely appreciated.
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hmmm some of the harmonization sounded awkward but all in all i think its a really solid piece... i refuse to make changes cuz its bad to rely on other people liek that... the only thing id suggest changing is the riff around the 13th bar, it definately has potential and i can hear what u were going for but u missed it. also the intro chords persoinally i think sound better as just 3 string powerchords, the extra note kills me for some reason. really great piece tho keep it up

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was the awkward harmonisation in the riff at the 13th? or were you talking about another part?

and i agree, the intro sounds alot better with just the power chords with the midi.. fortunantly it's not so nasty on an actual guitar.

thanks for the crit man, much appreciated.
allright..i agree with the measure 13 thing...it sounds kinda nasty. couple more things...that lead melody at measure 31 sounds awkward when it's repeated. maybe just...write a 4 bar solo or something or change it so it doesnt really sound so much like it's repeating.

also, for your dilemma at measure 18, I came up with this...but it's basically just your idea changed for the time signature...
exercise in trust.zip
thank you heaps man, going back to that same lead idea will work a trick for that empty spot i had at 18.. i'll be playing with that now.

i've never been a huge fan of solo's, but i reckon now would be a good time to try. hehe

again, thanks to both of you guys for your input. all help appreciated
between the 2:00 - 2:35 mark, it sounded absolutely beautiful to me.. i loved it, great job dude.
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