it was between the Vox 847 and WD7 pedals and i just liked the sound and function better onthe WD7 so im selling my modded crybaby wah and will use the money for a WD7

anyone else use this pedal?
Ye and its good. got wide range of tones. and tweakable
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Thank you very much
^i compared mine to a vox and a boss wah at the store, and this kicked their ass!!!
it sounds alot more powerful and has a wide range, and you can adjust anything on the pedal, even the pedal friction and spring tention
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damn, thanks man, I'm gonna check it out now, I was planning on getting a vox wah, but a weeping deamon .. I mean, it looks so cool!
yea IMO and from what i have heard, many say the WD7 is much better than the vox.

i think it is and will see when i get it in

its got to have a little more movement in the pedal compared to the crybaby...thats the 1 thing i didnt like much....but sound is key