Im looking for a cab that would go good with my peavey 6505+. any suggestions?
my friend plays in a hard rock/metallish band and he uses that same peavey. his cab is a marshall 1960. they sound superb. it has a really good bass sound and very clear treble. i woul recommend the marshall. mesa cabs are really nice too, but i have heard they sound somewhat muddy.
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Go for the Marshall 1960 with vintage 30's fitted. Whatever you do, dont get a Peavey because there terrible.
Definetly go for a Marshall 1960 or Mesa Traditional if you can afford them. If not check out the Avatars.
Check out the Bogner Uberkab if you can find one/afford it.
Orange makes awesome cabs...
You should bring your head to a store and play tons of cabs.
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