When my amp is on and i walk around in my room, the tubes rattle from the slightest movment of anything around it. even if i drop a quarter on the amp the tubes rattle for quite some time.
How long have you had them valves in the amp?
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The amp is a good 4 or 5 years old. and everytime i play a gig or something i blast the thing on 12 and overdrive the **** out of it so i can get feedback for jimi hendrix type playing.
even if it's not the tubes, you should get some new ones probably, if you haven't changed them in that whole time.
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Yeah i havent really changed them. Ive played through a few other amps in those years but this amp is the oldest. i want to get tubes with a little more power and bass range. the amp is quite trebly and has a lot of high end. Now i think it has 4 12ax7s and 2 el84s i think? any recomendations.