I've made a couple lyric songs and I'm like to try to put music to them. I've never made a song before with lyrics and instruments in one. I only have an acoustic and a piano... Okay I have a hermonica too but no way I'm using that lol! The first song I want to try is called "Confusion" and it is in the Songwriting/Lyrics forum. I figured I could get a lyric tune started with the piano. But after I get that, I don't exactally know where to go. Could I get some tips on how to put a song together? And possibly what exact sounds on piano and acoustic I could use to work well with the song?

Thanks bunches! Ps, I'd link the song here but I don't know how =p
Well.. do you want a slow song with a melody that will woo people, an energetic chord jammer with cool notes flyin here and there? What do you want from the song?

EDIT: Read the columns here, they will help a lot.. I hope

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Well I'm not really sure what I want, hence why I thought if I got a couple suggestions it would help me get started lol. I doubt I could do some energetic chord jammer with my acoustic and piano. So I'm thinking it may have to end up something more "wooing" lol.

So there's music I really enjoy listening to, that I think I could relate the song to the band (example APC) but I don't know if I could get that type of sound out or not. Maybe something along the lines of Evanescence mixed with some APC and throw in... I don't know lol. I'm just basically pretty clueless, as I've never tried this before.