okay i compose lots of different songs, i can compose some jazz or blues peices, i play guitar (bass aswell), piano, flute and i also sing, i've used all of them to compose various peices.
the problem i've been having is i'm unable to write rock songs, in any shape or form. I listen to mostly rock music ranging from the beatles to cradle of filth (basically a huge range) yet i find myself unable to compose anything heavier than the beatles. i can come up with great riffs sometimes, or i come up with nice melodies, or a good chord progression. all of them might sound nice but i can never put two together, if anyone can help me in how you compose a rock song it would be apreciated.
try fiddling around with your amp effects, if they're right you can make pretty much anything sound reasonably rocky.
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well, it's a very broad subject

the way i would suggest is to gain inspiration...not for the instrument, but for the sounds, the music...when's the last time you just sat down and listened to music without any other distractions? so many people never have, and if you did, it probably wasn't very long or very recently...it's all about your inner ear

try to imagine a story...imagine a theme, setting, the works...now, try to mentally "jot down" sounds, melodies, anything that comes to mind when thinking of this story...the imagination and creativity that creates these sounds is called your inner ear, and your job is to translate that to music...great composers such as Mozart did this by just meditating and letting the music come to them...it may sound farfetched or crazy, but it works

and you can gain visual inspiration from anything...pictures, nature, even your computer...the goal is to hear music in your head and turn it into music on your guitar (or whatever instrument you're playing at the time)

that's why i always try to imagine the outline of a melody or solo in my head before attempting to play it...i believe composing using scales and such is the wrong and least creative way to go
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