Hey im trying to save up for that signature guitar but i dont know if its worth it. can sombody help me out or give advice?

dont spend your money on pointless **** like food...just save up for the guitar...sure you might lose a couple pounds, but you strike me as a fat guy anyway so drink alot of water, or slimfast...whatever floats your big boat.
well, you need to get a floyd rose or a trem system simply because of your name. WHAT WOULD PEOPLE THINK OF YOU OTHERWISE.
For the same amount of money spend on signature guitars you can buy better. Remember you're probaboly pay 40% of the price just for the name.
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A rg1570 is just as good..... Without the pickups and monkey grip...... The 7vwh is alder though, while the 1570 is basswood, which i prefer basswood anyways.....

You could have a guitar just as good as the jem for probably 1200$
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Honestly, if you need people on an internet forum to tell you a guitar of that price is worth it, it's obviously not.
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What does this have to do with Floyd Rose?
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