any one know of inspirational flamenco/classical guitarists/artists other than the ones I currently have:
-andres segovia
-paco de lucia
-bruno gennaro
-salso rosso

also, any places on the net for flamenco lessons (free or pay), because there are hardly any worthwhile instructors locally.

thanks in advance!
Check out Pepe Romero, Leo Brouwer, Francisco Tarrega, Heitor Villa-Lobos...For good classical tabs with a lot of artists check out classtab.org
Al Di Meola, John Mclaughlin
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nino ricardo, sabicas, me.

if you live in LA "Valdez guitars" has the best flamenco teacher youll find in CA.
McLaughlin and Al Dimeola. Not classical or flamenco, just fingerstyle players.

Take note that Pepe Romero isn't a flamenco guitarist, though he tries to be one and fails terribly in his attempts. He is however one of the EXTREMELY technically adept classical guitarists.

Eduardo Fernandez
John Williams
Julian Bream
Roland Dyens
Pepe Romero and his family
Francisco Tarrega

Nino Ricardo
Ramon Montoya
Paco de Lucia
Paco Pena
Vicente Amigo
Quique Paredes

- There arent any Tarrega recordings around but he has composed/arranged tons of amazing classical guitar standards
- Though the mentioned players are flamenco (or classical) players, they do NOT necessarily play flamenco (or classical) ALL the time in EVERY recording.
To add onto the classical list, here are some players you should check out:

Li Jie (moreso just for her video recordings floating around on the net)
Xuefei Yang (doesn't need an introduction)
David Russel
Norbert Kraft
My God, it's full of stars!
Okay thanks alot guys, but also, do you know of any websites for classical/flamenco lessons, pay or free. There are just no instructors near me who specialize in flamenco or classical.

Thanks alot!
Well the best I can do for you is to link you to the biggest classical guitar forum I know, www.delcamp.net

Try asking whatever technical questions you have there, I guarantee you get some good results.
My God, it's full of stars!
You will get VERY good and detailed answers at delcamp. Matured and experieced users and players there.

For flamenco, try foroflamenco.com. Great players and advisors there too.

I'm not putting down the UG forum but you won't get anywhere learning classical or flamenco if you only look to this forum. There may be a few users who give accurate advice but there are many ignorant people who try to act as if they know all.

All I've to say is, get your resources from the correct sources.