I have a pedal board that I made. I can fit my pedals on it easily but it just seem like all the cable make it all unorganized looking and I hate that. How could I organize them? I was thinking about drilling holes or something. Has anyone every done this? I know someone else must have had to clean up their pedalboard before.
get the little offset adapters or straight adapters so you don't have cables. As long as you never want to space them out off of the pedalboard, that would be fine and it would look much more organized. Otherwise you would drilling two holes just for a 6" cable between them...

if you are talking about power supplies, that might be worth drilling holes in the bottom. Mount the power supply box underneath the board, and have the cables come up through holes directly underneath the pedal. Or just make a board out of pegboard.

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Use smaller cables to run between pedals, I don't have much of a problem with cables, sure, they're there, but so? And for my adaptor leads and stuff, I've hid most of the stuff under my 1st tier of my board.
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