Both Troy Stetina and Frank Gambale offer speed picking instructional CDs/DVDs/work books, etc.

I've read all sort of reviews on the WEB, both good and not so good and would like to hear your opinions.

Curious to hear from someone who has reviewed & compared the work of both of these instructors.

I'm somewhere in the beginner to intermediate phase of learning and would like to buy from the instructor whose methods are best suited to my ability. Looking to get my speed up to a faster level.

Thanks for your time.
well, it depends on the person...it's very subjective, so it's just a matter of preference

i personally prefer Stetina...Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar not only gives you a ton of exercises and songs to utilize the techniques, but it also is a guide of how to practice and find your creativity...this is the deciding factor for me
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Frank Gambale's speed picking approach is basically using economy picking. Using 2 successive down strokes when descending from 1 string to another or using 2 successive upstrokes when ascending. I would reccomend Troy Stetina's stuff because his books usually have a ton of good stuff (particulary Speed Mechanics). Speed mechanics focuses on many aspects of playing: legato, picking, sweeping, how to practice. I would recommend Troy Stetina's stuff.
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