I have a question about bass guitar. My dad wants a bass guitar really bad and all. But he isnt really technical with the brands and all. He wants an all around one that can go to almost any style. So what do you say is the best for something more in the region of Classic Rock-Heavy Metal on a bass guitar. It needs to be a 4-string and i want the best price u can tell me. I am not buying one from here though. I want to know what you say is best so i can check into it. Thanks.
first most of the best prices you will find are on musciansfriend.com they have a huge selection at great prices.

But to really help you, we would need some sort of price range too, depends if you want a beginners bass, or an intermediate quality, or if your dad wants to throw down 1000$ for one.
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depends if you want a beginners bass, or an intermediate quality, or if your dad wants to throw down 1000$ for one.

Yeah, it kind of depends on your dad's skill level. Will it be his first bass guitar ever? Because then you might just want to go with the cheap but effective Squiers.
But if he's played before, then maybe go a little higher quality (*cough*price*cough*).
He has been playing guitar and bass for over 30 years. Maybe around 600 bucks or so. I think maybe a warlock bass. WHt you say?

what kind of amp is good for a Warlock Bass?
Don't get a Warlock bass.. they're awful.

Get a Fender Precision Bass, or check ESP basses out.
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Don't get a Warlock bass.. they're awful.

I've never heard a good thing about those things... bleh. I wouldn't recommend one.
Get a Fender Precision Bass, or check ESP basses out.

+1 again.
Fender Precision sounds pretty good. I'm not a bass player personally, but I've read plenty of positive things about the Precisions.
If your dad has been playing for over 30 years, though, you'd figure he'd kind of have an idea what he wants, wouldn't you think?
He hasnt played bass as much as guitar. He has played bass but mainly is on keyboard and guitar. He just learned songs and made his own from chords and from books. He never really got deep in most ****. But he knows it all somehow....
Get an Ibanez. Great guitar to start learning on. Decent price, sexy, and easy to play. Decent tone for the price.
I still say i want something you can record with. I play bass and i am no ameateur. I just never owned one. I've used one many times before but it was an offbrand type one. So is the ESP the way to go? or Fender?

And still what bass amp brand?
squire bass packs are great for beginners ($300). You could also go with a fender jazz or pbass if you already have an amp($500). Esp and shecter make great basses. They are extremly versitle and provide great metal tone ($300-$800). The prices are estimates. Hope this helps.
I saw this Dean Z Model Bass. It looks like an explorer but it is a bass. Is it worth it? its only like 299.99 and they say its literally a 10/10. Lowest rating out of god knows how many was a 9.3
Wait, your dad has been playing for 30 years, and he still doesnt know the brands very well??? o.O That's..... odd.
This is the thing. My dad wasnt a big guy in2 the brands and ****. He never made top dollar back then and all tht. Where we live we dont have sh*t worth of guitar shops. You gotta go like 100 miles or more just to play at one. There are a few in Richmond. But u cant play there.
My sister (in some blind grasp) decided she wanted to play bass, bought a Schecter Omen 6, and played it maybe 7 times. Hasn't played it since. I found it in storage and wanted to play some Chilis songs so I'm learning right handed bass upside down.

I think its a pretty decent bass, but I don't really know anything about bass other than don't get a warlock.