i was just reading a tread in another forum about hardcore/metal gear setttings, and they said scoop the eq, i have a Line 6 GuitarPort, and the EQ has a gain/frequecy things on it, anyone know what the best way to put these are? theres four nobs for gain and four nobs for frequency, maybe this is just for the program i have, i really dont know....
basicaly im asking whats the best hardcore/metal sound i can get, by changing the EQ
you should prolly just leave the distortion on and play your guitar then adjust the knobs til it sounds right and then the question is what kinda metal sound ya going for old school new school shred or speed just sit down take your time and play some power chords while adjusting everything til ya get the right tone you're looking for
Don't scoop your EQ! It is probably the easiest way to get lost in the mix.
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