Ok so i put The crate bv120 on layaway that has ALOT of gain and u can shape your own tone and stuff

but before i put the 6505 on layaway but u cant shape your tone..and it was muddy...but idk if it was just me or the head...

did i make the right choice?
i just want the one with A **** LOAD OF GAIN
Have you played the 6505 cranked? That's when it'll shine and you'll get more gain out of it.

It might sound "muddy" because its a dark sounding amp.
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i've heard clips of the 6505 , and all the models on my modeller and microcube. and i think it seriously feels trapped in a box. it doesn't impress me one single bit. darker sounding yes but as much as i like my bass it doesn't excite me.