I've owned my ESP Explorer for about 2 months now and I still have trouble sitting down and playing with it, I just can't find a comfortable position to play it, I have trouble reaching the first 2 frets on it, I mean I reach them, but I have building a note on them, and I feel like I move the guitar further back on my lap, that the neck rises up and it feels like the guitar's going to slide off my leg, I don't have this problem with my G&L, only with the explorer, and I perfer to sit and play not stand. Does anyone else have this problem or had to adjust when playing their explorer?

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explorers arent supposed to be played sitting!
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ya i had the same problem with my beast the trick is to angle the guitar away...if u dont kno what i mean...sit down with the guitar, spread ur legs to a comfortable point and put the guitar on ur leg so that ur thigh is in the crook of the guitar, then angle the guitar so the neck is parralel to ur left leg...or u can just goof around until u find something thats how i figured that out
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^yea explorers and flying vs are made for looks

You probably don't know how to sit down with a flying v (assuming it isn't a randy rhoads model).
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Ive never had any trouble sitting down and playing with my Hamer Standard.
I thought the explorer wouldn't be so bad while sitting, I don't want to get rid of it because I love the way it sounds, but I just can't get a spot to play comfortably. Hopefully I will find the right position.

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I would just stand up. I'm not always happy with the shape, especially sitting down. But then again, that's the tradeoff for looking cool.

Note: Not that I was trying to look cool when I got my explorer. 1980 Gibson Explorer in natural finish, SSH setup with coiltaps? I fell in love at first sight. Ah yes, sitting in that storage closet in the middle of nowhere, I was searching through heaps of guitars and basses... and then, I saw an unusally long case... I opened it and-

Whoops. Overdid it a bit, there. Sorry.
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i found that using something to put under my foot on the leg that the guitar is resting on helped out a lot... and if u wanna sell me let me know!!!
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