^Yea you can, there's a few around, but I cant remember where I found them.
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visual sound sells a 1/8" adapter (i'm not sure if the power supply jack on the metal muff is the same as the big muff, but i assume it is) i believe this will work. heres the link for musicians friend, i'm not sure where to buy in the UK though

i think that would work, i haven't tried this adapter so i'm not sure, but i believe that is what is needed....instead of buying everything seperately you could look into this visual sound 1 spot package it includes 2 of the adapters, the daisy chain, and power adapter, it also has a 9v battery clip adapter. just a suggestion. if i ever buy anymore pedals i plan on getting this.

edit: thanks for the cookies and milk, yum.
Hmmm.. i cant seem to find this combo pack in the uk. I'll keep looking.

Edit: Yeah i dont think they do the combo pack in the uk. Thats disappointing because it looks great. And i cant get international shipping because the plug wouldnt work in uk sockets.
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yeah...i'm in the US so im not sure about where or if you could get that combo pack in the UK, it seems like that would be the best option if you have more than a few pedals, but the stuff you listed earlier should work, but ask someone else (R_H_C_P) to be sure, he knows his stuff.