my friend who wants to start playin guitar plans on buyin a guitar this wednesday~ price range at around $100-$200... so anyways, do u think it'll be better if he starts off nylon or acoustic?? he wants to perform like blink 182 songs by next year... as much as i've been playin guitar for bout 6yrs i don't know much bout the quality on acoustic or classical guitars.. so i just want some suggestions of brand names not models.. i own a yamaha classical and a epiphone acoustic but my knowledge is more on the electric guitar.. so if anyone can help me out on wats a decent guitar for that price range thanx a lot~

by the way.. i talked to my brothers friend who is like a guitar god and he told me that in that price range, it really doesn't matter wat guitar i buy cause they're all bout average either way... anyone for this comment??
IMO i think my friend should start off and buy a nylon guitar but i think hes gonna lean more towards the acoustic~ so acoustic but nylon suggestions would be really great too
Epiphones are pretty good beginner guitars, i guess. If u dont like that then just go to giutar ccenter and look around......
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eiphones are nice, but if he wants to play stuff like blink 182 he should get an electric.
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epiphones were my first choice but i'm not too sure if they'll have the ones on the price range.. do u think fender or ibanez r alright??
Like I tell everyone, who wants an acoustic but doesnt want to spend like 600 dollars. The seagull s6. it's 360 bucks. If that's too much then the yamaha FG700s are good for 200. I like cheap acoustic ibanez's too. but I dont like them for chord work. My friend has an ibanez, not sure but it was around 200 dollars. Chords get really muddied up, the bass notes I mean.
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Classicals have fat necks, so if he doesn't want a big one, he should play a regular acoustic.
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there is a stickied thread with a lot of wonderful suggestions like these

please take a gander

I am continuing to see a lot of people post "which guitar" threads when there is a sticky for that reason....