i 've heard/read that practicing with a metronome is the best way to build speed. i have one but i can't figure it out, can someone kind of explain it for me? thx
ou could practice a scale or whatever at 80 bpm
and then you could raise the speed, play triplets, or 16th notes or whatever
it's very useful
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you just turn it on and set a speed, everytime you hear the tick (and usually theres a red light that flashes in time) you play a note, you might want to start lower, but eventually you might wish it could do more beats per minute

EDIT: i didnt think that you might want to know what the guy who posted right before me said, so sorry if thats not what you wanted
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youre a weird one tjdjr09

^you play two notes per beat
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First, (not trying to be a smartass) but do you know the difference between quarter, eighth (sp?) and sixteenth notes? That'll help. Set a speed, play however many notes per beat, speed it up, slow it down, etc. It just basically helps you build up speed.
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i would suggest playing in 16th notes (4 notes per click) because anything slower than that (eigths, quarters) will already be second nature...now, set it at a slow bpm where you can play every note cleanly and without tension...once you get comfortable with it, move it up about two notches and do the same...then bring it down one, repeat...go back up 2 etc...this will help you gain accuracy and build muscle memory, which is the secret of speed

remember, if you can't play it cleanly slow, what's the point of playing it sloppily fast?

"Speed is a byproduct of accuracy"
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