Hi this is a new recording I made and it's called Heart of stone. I didn't have the time to mix it properly but you should hear the riffs and the solo clearly. Please comment and tell me what you think about it. Crit for crit.


Heart of stone
woah nice tonage lol i like it!!! The riff's remind of me the scorpion's ( the 80's band?? ) I love it that intro riff!! LOL I love that lately there has been a nice amount of good rock songs on these boards. What did you record with?

I love how around 1:45 the power chord riff kicks in , n the the "bridge" is damn cool! YEA solo is totally scorpion-esque , or at least 80's-esque. Which is not a bad thing at all , this song is really ****in cool. I'm diggin in , keep at it your bad ass! Check my stuff out??


EDIT: Faster is really cool , the intro is straight ahead R N R! Dude you seriously sound like you came from the 80's.
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i agree - very 80's. catchy but still rockin. do you harmonize that riff - like a twin guitar thing? i thought i may have heard it. if it is - turn it up. if it isn't - i think that would be a fantastic idea. the volume swells a bit. really like the pinched harmonic you added in there. love the harmonized solo! it's a bit short though, and the last note sounded a bit funny with the harmonization. add some bass so it sounds like a full band - that would really improve it. i really really liked it. kepp it up.

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Wow....excellent. All of it was just awesome. The solo was really cool, and although that second last note in it was a little funny, I think it still works fine.

Good Job!
fluffylump2, I commented your stuff on your thread. pepajaktbs2, there's somethin wrong with the myspace link you have on your thread... it doesn't work so I can't hear your stuff. Well also Nirvana_RATM20's page seems to have problems... maybe there's just something wrong with myspace. I'll check out both pages later, thank you for your comments anyways.
Other comments are welcome.
That was some nice work. You must've put alot of time into this. I really like that intro riff you could do so many things with it. It'd be nice to hear a bit of singing to keep things interesting.
Driving tune, it'd be great to get some upper-range vocals there. There is one funny note in the solo.

Everything seems good, it'd just be cool to get some 80's type vocals to go with it.
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It was great...too bad the 80s are long over, but it was still real good. Get some 80s vocals and your set.
Yeah, it is very 80s, one of my least favorite musical eras But that will not affect my critique. Nice tone and harmonising. The MIDI drums always get on my nerves, but i doubt you can help that. I did also notice that not in the solo. Besides that, i think you did a really good job.
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i gotta tell ya, when i first saw the title, i was expecting an iced earth type of song, but oh well. good beggingin, nice riffage and stuffm and leads. very catchy main theme in there,
and i like the harmonizing. gets a little repetitive, maybe add some more solo sections instead of repeating the main theme so much? but its such a good main theme, so its ok. very 80's rock solo too, shoulda made it longer though. this song would be more amazing with vocals, but pretty cool none the less.

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dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors