I'm about to start playin bass and i will hav about £200 in a months time. I just need some help about which starter pack to buy. I want it to last me a bit but it doesn't hav to be very good quality (as i wouldn't expect that).

I was looking at an encore bass package with a 10W amp included, any suggestions about this package or what other packages i could go for?

Thanx guys, i no you get a lot of these threads
You're probably lookin at the same encore package that I got, and I like it but the actual bass and amp themselvesd aren't that great, I got it fro last christmas and I'mw anting a new one, but they're good value imo, for a strater bass atleast
im not sure how mush 200 Pounds is compaired to dollors but here are some starter packs with Fairly good prices:
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Its probably not a bad pack for a beginner, except for the ten watt amp. Anything below about 30 watts is probably just crap. I got a Rogue RB20B 20 watt for my first amp but I hate it. If the volume is over about 5/10 it sounds horrible. If I were you I'd buy a cheaper bass, and then save up for a more expensive amp. Party On!!!

BTW no offense but korn sucks ass.
The encore package is quite good it was my first bass. The amp is pretty decent for a 10 watt amp. the amps good for practise but no good for gigging. overall its pretty good value for what you get.
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seen as tho i wanna play straight away (by that i mean learning by myself) i will probs get the encore package. And after some time maybe i will buy a better amp if the guitar is good or just get another bass.

thanx for the replies guys
i would go with a squire pack... Thats what i learned on it is still fun to play around with. Since I got mine they have upgraded thier amps so its an even better deal. I had the pbass pack, but now im a die hard jazz bass fan. Its your call on which one suits you best.
why dont u try serveying for any ibanez package..
ibanez usually r good instrument with not really high price...
If i were you i wouldn't get a encore, 2 of my mates have bought encore guitars (not basses) and both broke within 6 months, and they were just playing in their rooms, not gigging or anything. I would go for an ibanez mysellf, they're relly good value for money, and look great! I would also consider a squire