I've been using Cool Edit Pro 2 for the LONGEST time and the results are some what marginal. But I've noticed I cant use alot of VST plug-in's and such , so what is the best recording program that is out right now? Price range does not really matter , so just give me some ideas.

i suggest you buy SONY ACID Music Studio. It retails at about $70.00 US, you can purchase it at your local Best Buy or Circuit City. the program is great,that's my personal opinion. i use it to record songs, with the right equipment and acoustics you can record professional sounding songs. and you can have many OPT and VST plug-in's.

Microsoft Direct X Interface
Multitrack recording
MIDI sequencing
Dolby,Dolby Digital AC-3, and AAC encoding

this thing makes multiple and single loop editing great and simple.
the panning effects and volume controls, and sound effects are great.
unlimited number of tracks
interactive tutorials
live recording
alrenate time signature support
unlimited mp3 format export (you can import songs you've made or borrow from other songs)
cd burning and integrated exporting to mp3 players
chopper editing tools and loop editing
beatmapper remix tool( this makes arranging your tempo and beats per minute easier..waaay easier)

this thing is great and easy to learn to use.

my personal opinion is that this program rules over the following:
Cakewalk Music Creater 2.0
Acoustica Mp3 Recorder
Acoustica Mixcraft 2.0
Magix Music Maker
Fruity Loops
Cool Edit Pro

you can't beat this ..and at the price, i'm sure that there should be rebates to lower the expense. if you do not find it in Best Buy or Circuit City, try at a SONY outlet or
1.800.577.6642 <--- Customer Service/Sales

lol i'm not a best buy or sony employee or anything..i'm just trying to help cause a lot of people make the mistake of paying great amounts of money for useless crap


oh if you check out my music myspace..don't worry those songs weren't made with SONY ACID...they were made with some other program..and they're rough drafts
there is no 'best' because everyone has different needs and is comfortable with different things. personally i record individual tracks in audacity and then sequence, mix, add effects, add synth instruments, and do other stuff using Fruity Loops. i couldnt get the sound i do without FL, while other people hate the program with a passion. i know that a lot of people like Reason, but from what ive done with the demo i dont like it. others swear by traction, which i actually havent tried. um, i would read here a bit for some ideas: