Hey guys,

I've been doin a bit of writing over the past weeks and i came up with this song and recorded it.

and if the whole acoustic singer songwriter vibe isnt your thing, dont be like "omg that thing sucks add some rockin electric guitar." because i see a bit of that around here haha.

so check it out guys.


and any questions you may want to ask go for it.


hey man, i listened to this song and i like it, but i definitely think you could bring the vocals out a bit more......it reminded me of an unplugged collective soul song for some reason, but i really like them, so its a good thing haha....i think you could also bring out the solo more....the recording quality is pretty decent, the EQ is good, just needs a bit of volume adjusting!

crit me?

Recording quality isn't the best but I really like the chord progression in the intro.

I don't like the overdubs on the singing they make it sound like you forgot the words.

The solo could have been more colorful and turned up a bit but it doesn't sound like you have the best equipment to work worth so I'd assume you did your best with what you have.

It's kind of hard to understand the words but that goes along with the whole Bright Eyes/New Age Folk thing so that's okay.

Overall, it was nice and relaxing. Seems like something the chicks would love .

Crit mine please?