I am currently reading a book about SRV and im just wondering, did he ever actually get to meet Hendrix?, now i know his brother Jimmie opened for him in like 1968 where stevie would have only been like 14 years old, and i know his brother gave him a jacket that was used by hendrix after one of the shows, and that Jimmie got pedals by hendrix himself. I still that its pretty cool.
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To my knowledge they never met. If only they could have played together.

Which makes me wonder if you could see them play one song together what would it be?

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Little Wing with SRV and Hendrix together would be f**king incredible.
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If they played Star Bangled Banner together, and both started hammering away at their guitars, that would a phonomenal event.
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If they wouldve played little wing together, the entire world wouldve stopped. There would be nothing more to say.
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Seriously, this sounds like a pussy squable from Saved By The Bell or some **** like that.

I think hearing them go crazy over Red House would just cause spontaneous orgasms all around the world.
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I honestly think, without being sarcastic at all, that regaurdless of what they played together, it would be capable of inducing orgasm. I'm not even kidding.
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If they both played Red House, the world would implode.
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