Hi guys,
I just recorded my first part of my firs song with my Roland Microcube and Keyboard for drums. Let me know what you think about the actual song and if I should change anything.

I will check yours out after just leave me a link.


well it was short....definitely...but it was kinda dissonant in a very melodic way...if that makes sense...could've passed as an old soundgarden riff.......you should definitely continue with that idea...but there isnt much else to crit cause its so short!

crit me?

That wasnt a real drumbeat was it? Oh well it was still cool but short as jables23092 said.
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Tone was from my Microcube. I will mic my stack next time. Drums are from a keyboard.
You definately have a long way to gain quality in your songs. but for the first time and keybord for drums , this is preety cool.
sad riffs , melancholic escence , well played , no mistakes except for the drum beat obviously.
Anyway , keep practicing and try downloading acoustica beatcraft < for drum beat ..
Use another programm for recording..
That was my crappy advice..

Here is mine : https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=399041
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I found a crappy mic around my house. I am re recording all the parts and doing real drums. I will post in a new thread when I am done or this one. I have other songs that I have written for my hardcore band but I am getting into lots of lead/metallica type stuff. Hardcore is mostly powerchords or drop d stuff and I really want to get into writing of leads and stuff like that.
OK guys. Here is take 2. I used a simple live drum beat and I think that it came out a lot better. Keep in mind this is a ****ty wal mart mic and a roland cube for recording. This is also only part of my first song that I am working on. I am hoping for it to be about 4 minutes and sort of like Metallica's stuff.

Thanks guys. I will crit your stuff later tonight or tomorow whne I get a chance.