Ok, I'm not an expert on Ibanez basses, and I was looking into buying one.
Many of the ones I've seen are marked with "SDGR by Ibanez" on the headstock, and I was curious about whether or not Soundgear is a type of Ibanez, or a branch of it (like Squier is to Fender or Epiphone is to Gibson).

If someone could clear that up it would be nice, thanks.
It's a type of Ibanez. The Soundgear is a bass made by Ibanez. Economy of words.
^what he said

Soundgear is the name of that line/series of basses...its not a branch off company or whatever.
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Its not like a Squire... Ibanez has SR, RG (Road Gear), etc. They have had these names pretty much since the company started. I have seen Roadgears from '72.

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