do you think there is such thing as playing too much with a metronome? i have been playing for a metronome for so long now, that when i play without one i struggle to keep time

maybe its just me noticing timing more than i used to

what u think?
Hmm. Yea could be your ear is more sensative to the timing
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there's no such thing as too much metronome...it will do you good to be able to keep time, many musicians lack this essential skill...i mean really, do you imagine yourself playing a gig without a drummer or bassist keeping time?

but if it bothers you that much, you just have to be caught in the rhythm, and when you turn off the metronome, it comes naturally to you...tap your foot at a steady pace and play to that...make a groove and stick to it
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Yopu cant get too much metronome but try using the metronome for a bit, turn it off and try to imitate the tempo that it set for you, turn it on again and compare to see how bad you were off.
As I always say, try recording if you can to see where you have slipped up.
I never used a metronome and I get my timing right sometimes. I'm too cheap to buy one
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I never used a metronome and I get my timing right sometimes. I'm too cheap to buy one

Really? You should try using one. It helps a lot. And...if you're too cheap to buy one, try this.

If you think you don't need a metronome because you already have good timing, you need a reality check... You most likely don't have very good timing. Metronomes are essential to improvement.
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^ i never said i didnt use one, i was worried about relying on one TOO often, i can play without but something just seems to be lacking something, must just be pschological