Guitar & Bass basics forum has plenty of tips. Also search the main page lessons area, there are loads of articles to help you.
This is weird, iv been playing for 3 years as well and i can bearly solo. All i can do is improvise on the minor pentatonic, forget about soloing over a song

I dont fully understand chord progressions or scale theory eaither.......man i suck.....
mabye your setting your expectations too high, ive been playing for almost 8 months now and feel like this all the time. i find the best thing to do is go back and practice alternate picking or some bizarre technique to get a good foundation.

if u move on too early like i did u will just get frustrated
the thing with me is iv been playing 3 years and iv got good rymthme and can show of some stuff but i dont know theory. Like chord progressions. What chords will sound good together? i just do it buy chance, but i know theres a way of finding out through sclaes or something.
It's all about persistence. But the reason most people think they don't play well is because they jump from one thing to the next without ever really getting one thing down properly so they play everything but nothing particularly well.

There are a couple of things you can do;

1) Draw up a practice routine with different techniques and play through it every day, set a time limit of each exercise and play it non stop for that length of time, building up gradually. Make a note at where you're at every day, be honest, maybe it's a speed you want to get to, maybe it's bending accuracy or palm muting, whatever. The good thing about this is that after month or so you actually see you've progressed.

2) Practice a song that has techniques in it that you want to work on and that will keep you interested and work at it until you get it down. Something that is challenging for you but not impossible and don't move on until you've got the whole thing down perfectly. This is always encouraging and you'll see massive leaps in your playing.

You can combine these two if you're that way inclined, but not everybody wants to follow a practice routine. Just make sure whatever you do you enjoy it and you'll get there in the end.

1've been playing for three years, self taught. in my eyes, I'm still a learner, I can solo and everything, I'm even in three bands but I still havent learned all the basics, so don't feel bad if you've been playing for three years and still arent as good as your favorite guitarist.
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Well. If you know all the basics, You've got the hardest part down (IMO).
Learning theory isnt THAT hard.
Go to a bookstore, find the music section and by like the beginners guide to theory.
Ill give an example of how to find good chords though.
Youll need to know only two things for this.
A C scale, And your basic chords.
C scale goes.
So when you hear people talking about chord progressions, like 1-4-5, They're using this.
You need to know what chords you can use with a C scale. A C obviously being one of them. C is C-E-G.
Those three notes are in the scale, so you can use that chord. Say we're doing 1-4-5.
So the first note is C, Then four is F.
F-A-C. Those are all in the scale.
5 is G.
There you go, thats how you can put together a chord progression.
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I've been playing 9 monthes and i'm heppy with where i am, i play most of the time, when i have nothing to do or feel like playing, i play, i have 1 hour lesson every saturday morning and teach myself the rest through this website or the powertab archive, but i suppose i'll be saying what will really annoy you, practice! practice till your fingers blled :p (which has never actually happened to me so i'm working on that XD)
^be able to play any chord in at least 2-3 positions on the neck is a very useful thing to able to do

EDIT:not ANY chord but all minor major n seventh chords (as already mentioned)
any tips on how to palm mute on the type of bridges that are elevated off the guitar? i cant figure it out