Zakk always does a rake in so many of his solos right before a powerfull bend (and before other stuff too but most noticebly before bends). You can here it in songs like No More Tears, Time After Time, Fire It Up, and countless others. It's pretty subtle, but it gives the solo a real rusty edge which sounds wicked. I can't seem to replicate it. My rakes sound kinda hollow. Rather than it sounding like the tearing of leather, it sounds like I am dropping toothpicks on a piece of paper. I was wondering if it's my technique, my gear, or something that is added on during recording? The only part of my rig that resembles his is my LP Standard, but I left my LP with the stock pickups. Thanks for the help.
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The EMG pickups Zakk uses might have something to do with it (higher output).
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This just came to mind, I use 10 guage strings. I think Zakk uses 11. Would that make a significant difference? I still have not recieved a definate answer. I'm starting to think it might be his gear, like the high guage strings combined with his EMGs. But I don't want to believe that because it'd be nice if I could do it too by learning some special techniqe.
Geniuses are like poets, they speak in metaphors.
Zakk uses like 12-60 strings thats massive also i think he tunes to drop C and he plays with expensive ****. i say just dig in hard zakk is a beast he probably destroys those strings when he plays
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^They're 11-60. I know. I used to use them. They suck. Anyways, just keep working at it. The reason you aren't getting the desired sound could come from a million different variables...try working on your muting technique. And I seriously doubt that ZW uses 11 in standard tuning...Dropped tunings maybe...but not in standard.

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^He plays in Eb and drop C. I tune to whatever he is tuned to for the song.
You said to work on my muting. What exactly do you mean? Should I be muting only with my pick hand or should I be muting only with my fret hand, or both to get my desired rake?
Geniuses are like poets, they speak in metaphors.
Without doing anything moddy or special, do it quite fast, and make sure your not raking over any harmonic nodes, because then you'll get a not rather than a SCRAAAAaaaaape! Also, try backing off the gain just a *tiny* *tiny* bit and doing the same with your bridge pikcup's tone control, this might help. Hope it does.
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