I have heard previous songs of yours..
You got some nice skills , sounds like rhapsody ...
Obviously the instruments are midi , possibly from guitar pro..
I got to say that the melody was preety nice and well organized. I liked the variety of instruments you used. Timpani , violin , viola? , string ensembles , harp?
Anyway , keep going.
Would you like to see my song please and comment?

I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
Im afriad i cant comment on the Dmusic site cos it wont let me, but would signing up get it too work?

and yeah your pretty right about the instruments, cept the Harp, which is probably the part thats supposed to be pizzicato strings
ill crit as i listen
although this is midi
it sounds nice, good interweaving of melodies there
and a good change of sections there, nice flowing melodies
another change of section, i like how you've weaved all the different melodies together, gives a thick texture with lots to listen to
back to the main theme
nice melody btw
and now a darker heavier sounding section, i like the contrast you build up here in between sections
a key change there worked well by raising it a few semitones, not quite sure how many
and a solid ending
nice work, i think with a real band that would sound really good
its good that you've not stuck on the same thing for too long i like that it keeps it from becoming boring, good changes in dynamics between sections
i'd like to be able to write for an orchestra... ive done a few counterpoint pieces that i did for gcse music, i submitted one of those actually. but I need to learn more about orchestration and stuff which hopefully ill learn in my a level music
keep up the good work
would you care to take a listen to my piece called "the dream" by any chance? link to the thread in my sig
thanks in advance :]