Hello I am rewiring a schecter c-1+ and putting in gibson burstbuckers '59 and gibson '59 reissue pots.

I notice that I will need to do a little drilling (must add an extra hole for one more pot) to fit all the pots in, as well as enlarge the existing holes to fit the gibson pots. Also the whole rewiring process although it doesn't look like a very hard thing to do, is a little confusing to me.

Does anyone have any tips (or sites I can visit) that will help me along the way? I am a little worried about chipping the finish on the guitar when I start drilling, is there anyway to avoid this?

Anything you guys can offer toward this process would be great. Also any recommended wires for connections etc. would be great, thanks.
You don't have to use all the pots, you'll end up messing up your body. You can just have 2 vols and 1 tone like it has stock. you could also use the old pots instead of the new ones.
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