ok i know how all the modes work etc
but i just cant get lydian to work...
yet i can make dorian, phrygian, mixolydian, aeolian, and ionian progressions just fine (and their harmonic minor versions)
i cant really understand why its not working...
ive made this progression and im not quite sure if its working or not, as its not giving me the right sound... i think it should be A lydian...


a bar for each chord.
so yeah the first chord has a b5, the same as lydian mode correct? so A lydian should work? then the next chord is without the b5 and is just a triad? no changes here... third chord is a e major 9? im not sure about this one... and the fourth chord is a B major something or other... ok.

so could anyone correct this progression if there is anything wrong with it that would stop lydian mode from working?

thanks in advance