I was searching among some songs on a website and came accross a country song called "48 Hours 'Till Monday" and that title really stuck with me. I was thinking of creating a Pop-Rock sorta song with that title except, unlike the country song, have it stick along the lines of the title. Maybe about the weekend or something. Any opinions?
Go for it. Post the lyrics up when you're done. It sounds interesting.
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"Forty forty forty-eight hours to go
I wanna hit the weekend"

I don't know, man, it all depends on how you execute it. Any idea can be pulled off spectacularly or terribly; it all matters on how you do it. If you really want to write it, then do it! That's all there is to it!
Then yeah, post it in Songwriting & Lyrics. Or record it and put it in Riffs & Recordings.