i have a gibson les paul supreme, and am looking for a metal sound like avenged sevenfolds (dont go talking **** on a7x lol thats not what i want to hear) and i am going to get a bridge position humbucker.... I am mostly looking at the Dimarzio super distortion and the Duncan SH-5 custom or Duncan Distortion, but not sure on which one would be better, i know Syn uses Duncan invaders but everyone says that they are too muddy, so i am not interested in those. if anyone owns one of those three 'buckers, just tell a little about them in the sound, money is not a factor right now for when i buy these.
Dimarzio's are the best if your mostly looking at soloing, there in a lot of shred guitars, idno about the Duncans, Invaders are good if you want and they arent that muddy.

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no vs threads, but i'd say duncans cuz there more versatile
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DiMarzios. If their humbuckers are as good as their single coils (I'm sure they are), then you're in for a treat if you buy a set.
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Invaders are damn good pickups, letting you get the most crunch out of your distortion. If you want a bit more out of the upper mids, then try the GFS Crusader. Not quite as hot as the Invader (but a ton hotter than most humbuckers). I just put one of those in my guitar and it was like night and day when playing lead lines. It's an incredibly warm pickup for its price, which helps make rhythms fit in well with the rest of the band. It's not perfect (a little muddy, but that's mostly due to it driving my Rat a bit harder than it was designed for), but for $33, why not try it? Get it from www.guitarfetish.com

Man, I feel like I work for those guys, haha. Forgot to ask, are you playing more rhythm or lead? This will affect your decision quite a bit. Like someone said before, a lot of shredders like Dimarzio, but Duncan is the typical pickup of choice for most hard rock guitarists, since they are more versatile. Don't forget about all the other small brands! Some of them are really good, despite their price (GFS, Bill Lawrence). And some are damn near perfect, although a bit expensive (Swineshead). Unfortunately, I can't give you any first hand advice on any of those, considering the only pickups I've played (aside from stock) are the Crusader and the Invader.
yeah i play mostly rythym. if i were to get the duncan, does anyone know between the SH-5 custom or duncan distortion, and what the main differneces are. i noticed the guys from lamb of god use the SH5, and they are pretty heavey metal, im looking for that zacky sound from avenged sevenfold
I like duncan better because of their variety in magnet use. Almost all dimarzio's are ceramic or alnico 5. Duncan also makes better vintage pickups, whereas Dimarzio is suited more towards high gain.

I've played the super distortion, and it is quite bright, way too bright for metalcore. THe duncan distortion is meh, but the Custom is quite nice. Its quite bright though, so you could go for the Custom 5(still bright) or the Custom Custom(maybe what you're after).
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