I have big amounts of trouble when trying to learn an acoustic song by ear. I just know very common chords, and I don't know how to get better at it

I can upload the song for you to hear it if you want. I'm curious to know what kind of chords are those :P But the main idea is, how to get better at chord recognition?
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Training. It's all a matter of experience. You can acquire this by lazingly hanging on the couch day after day, guitar on your lap and the stereo on. Well, what do you expect? Who told you that learning to play was easy?
Two additional tips;
First; don't start advanced jazz right away; country or blues traditionals are often molded into one of a limited set of patterns that can easily be recognized.
Second; always start fishing for the root notes and only go after the full chord if you catched one.
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Oh, that is three additional tips. Never mind.
Good luck