i was playing my acoustic, and i got a blister on my right hand thumb. too much contact with the strings, i guess i play it too much.
anyways, it took like half a week for it to go away, in the meantime, i used a pick. but after it went away, i started using my bare thumb again.
blister came back in a few hours.

my friend never got any blisters and hes been playing for a long time now.
what am i doing wrong?
how can i make it go away...and keep it away?
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i got a bunch of blisters when i first started playing, you have to just deal with them till your thumb callouses over.
keep playing.
Dont play untill they bleed or pop or anything, but if it gets too painful, just plain stop until they've healed.

Basically, if your not used to playing guitar, your finger tips arent used to being used to rigerously on metal, and this might damage the nerve endings ( i think ) so the body gives you blisters. The blisters, when healed, give you a layer of extra hard skin on the area. This protects the nerve endings, and lets you play for longer.

I had blisters on all my fingers. Now, i can play for longer, they never hurt, and sometimes, i accidently stab my finger tips on the end of my strings and they dont bleed!
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I got one once form strumming with my thumb, so I started strumming with my index or middle finger, I only strum with my thumb on really soft pieces, which wont blister you anyways.
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