Ok iv been looking at some multi-effects and I came across the Behringer V-AMP 2 Amp Modeler. Now I only have $120 and it is $100 so it looks like it could be the only thing i can get that has multipul effects. But i dont know if it is any good. If you can tell me if im about to waste my money or make a good deal plz tell me. And if im making a bad deal can you tell me something i could get that would actualy be good for the little money i have.
They suck...a big no

individual pedals are a lot better

how many of those effects do you actually need? Beringer sucks at everything but live stuff
how good do you expect it to be for 100?

List the pedals you need and get singles. Its a MUCH better investment

Here is an idea

Chorus-Small Clone- REALLY nice pedal, a definite keeper. great investment
Overdrive-Boss overdrive- i forget which one but theyre cheap and reall good

Here are some other options for that extra 20

Tremelo?- Danelectro doesn't make a lot of good pedals but this is one that they do very well and its cheap ($20)

Fab Flange or Echo
I'd prefer the echo here but whatever you need. Theyre $15 each and alright. Nothing special but a lot better and more flexible than multi effects (especially from beringer)
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